13 dic. 2011

Artículos Recomendados: Cuidados Intensivos

Rhb en Cuidados Intensivos:Recomienda un artículo a phymedre@gmail.com
  • What Happens Next? The Role of Cardiac Rehabilitation in Total Patient Care; Heart, Lung and Circulation 2008;17S:S63–S64
  • Moving Our Critically Ill Patients: Mobility Barriers and Benefits; Crit Care Clin 23 (2007) 1–20
  • Early Intensive Care Unit Mobility: Future Directions; Crit Care Clin 23 (2007) 97–110
  • Transforming ICU Culture to Facilitate Early Mobility; Crit Care Clin 23 (2007) 81–96 

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